With Grit & Grace: Rise Up & Worship

Kurtis and Brittany were ready to welcome little Emmett Allen into the folds of their family. They were excited. They were imagining how Emmett would fit into their family dynamic. They were making plans for moving the rooms of their other 3 children so that there was room. Let's be honest, they were making plans for how their King bed could hold another kid. They were ready to spread and share their love to another little soul, to another part of them.

He’s My Person….For Better, For Worse

You know that clip in Gray's Anatomy when Yang says that Meredith is her person? They're sitting at a bar after work discussing why Yang told Meredith about being pregnant in the first place when Cristina reveals that Meredith was the person she put down as her emergency contact person. Later on, when Burke is … Continue reading He’s My Person….For Better, For Worse

Building My Own House

This week I was blessed enough to go out to dinner with some friends and enjoy time just being Erica. You know what I mean, right? For a full two and a half hours, I wasn't Mom. I wasn't Wife. Heck, even though I was with fellow educators, I wasn't even Mrs. Wyatt. I enjoyed my time out with friends and headed home in the best of moods to see my husband whom I'd barely seen the previous three days due to work and friends. 

When I walked in the house, he was snuggled up in the double chair with our youngest. He was fast asleep. I walked upstairs to put my things away and came back. I leaned over the chair thinking of how much I missed him so I could give him a kiss on the cheek. 

"Oh my gosh! Get off of me. Just leave me alone!"

Yep. Those were the words I was met with when I tried to lean in and kiss my husband whom I missed so much. To say I was perturbed may be an understatement.

"Really? Whatever. I'm going upstairs," I replied as I made myself not stomp up the stairs